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Alain Badiou's lecture, held in the NTU, Athens is cut in numbered fragments and uploaded in the internet. A wiki is constructed, containing all fragments and space for response. We invite you to comment on one or several fragments of your choice. You can view the fragments here. Your commentaries will be recorded on Gregorios Pharmakis office, Stadiou street, Athens.


Charged to create a short presentation of his old book badiou pronounced this lecture in a small room in the national technical university of athens in ... February 2008. The pharmakis project consists on a multiple strategy on an impossible representation. We encounter 3 levels of representation: the badiouan project to represent the world through an event function, the description of this project in an abbreviated form, the event done to underline and glorify the concept of "event". Pharmakis is attracted by this triple formation of the event and creates a program cutting the lecture into pieces and then investigating and answering to each part of the lecture. People are invited in an office rented for the occasion to contribute to a recorded answering program.  the invited guests in the office hear a piece of The badiou's lecture and respond to it. the correspondence of the parts to the people is proposed by the pharmakis actors but may change after a first meeting and after a first impression of the dismembered lecture.
27 rue st ambroise 75011 paris
The dismembered  badiou lecture   Dear alain badiou,
We covered your lecture in athens on Being and Event.
We will cut it into pieces and ask the people who were present to comment them. If you have in mind somebody to include in the commenters group please feel free to propose.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Gregorios pharmakis
  FIND HERE MORE PIECES badiou in athens  








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