parallel sitting condition

gregorios pharmakis is also the name of a post internet dynamics concerning the transformation of the university.


Gregorios pharmakis position has two interesting aspects to elaborate. Both refer to the parallel sitting condition: the first has to do with the common interior gaze that is creating really no interiority [what is an analogy here]. the second has to do with the concept of the shifting center of such a community: this center can be shaped through the lacanian notion of the big other.


The parallel sitting condition is traditionally the position of people getting information in a university background. people are sitting in a parallel way in amphitheatres. This is the prototype of a university setting and this finds its own past in theatricly conceived places.


inversion of the conceptof the big other. no order of the low but order and unification from the fragments that are considered as exceptions.


exceptional fragments

organization by disorder in framed spaces


[a parallel sitting condition is a way to speak of an {impossible} virtual-in-real community] [...]


the project has to do with this university side of pharmakis