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who is

Page history last edited by Gregorios Pharmakis 12 years, 5 months ago

who is gregorios pharmakis




gregorios pharmakis is an open identity formed by more than one collaborators. this plural person is conceived as a working team that uses the self's work to affirm its identity but this identity can never be shaped through any stable form. It will always be negated through efforts for redefinition that are always done as after work retrospections: pharmakis though is only affirmed when involved in field works that take place in an open period of time and while presenting identity problems.  The works are done to substitute the identity problem and this leaves the identity always under formation through the specific works that are always unfinished. The stability of the identity is guaranteed by the perpetual field research, the laboratory work and the recordings of it.



Gregorios pharmakis works stabilize, through this person's concept of instability, a new possibility of a "unified" communal practice. This communal practice leads to a problematic formation of a "subject" through a wiki process. A wiki process is here characterized by

the concept of a communal, empty, acting, ghost-like unified center, the dependence on a work undertaken that is the only unifying scheme,

the open character of this schema that replaces the concept of individuality with a concept of a phantasmatic acting agent.





Gregorios Pharmakis is constituted as a person when acting within

the circumstances of a closed framework: a bus, an exhibition,

an organization, etc. it is there that the person's face can be shaped,

as a shared fantasmatic figure. Pharmakis is somehow identified

to the invisible ghost of this non-consciously structured

community. The person's figure could be seen

as an unconscious, irresponsible network function.


the idea of creating a person identified with the logic of a platform.

its rules will be openness   and a control of a needed multi

propositional neutrality. nobody can guaruntee the neutrality that is

consciously impossible. but a working team names some people as

platform control team: they share the same rights with everybody else

that is working in the platform with the same possibilities to

contribue to it but organize its logic and takes care about the

invisibility of the acting power of the team and the negation of a

ruling subject in it. the name gregorios pharmakis is not the multi

person pseudonyme neither the name of a group. it is the name of the

inexisting centrality of the power of the group: it is the name of a

spectre and has to remain the name of an inexisting acting power.

maybe this ressembles to the name of a wiki power of the group. the

inexitence of pharmakis is a main explanation about his invention and

about the atribution of this name to an impossible person.



The 'parallel sitting condition' is the creative frame for the formation of the plural person (Gregorios Pharmakis never faces anybody). This characteristic of the person leads to the person's voluntary irresponsibility. The multiple person is conceived as a platform structure where some moves from others are expected to form the multiple person furtive figure.




Gregorios Farmakis exists only in the condition that

1. every operating member loses his or her signature entering the plural person

2. every operating member detects, inscribes, records, and re-establishes this specific urban condition by interacting to it

3. the detected persons entering the solid “bus- like” structures (the "passengers" of the bus) may take GF’s place even if as hostages of the ghost figure of Gregorios. Operating members and persons entering the "bus-like" structure are engaged not always voluntarily in the person's irrisponsability. The ghost person is not a shape that any operator can control. The operators enter thus every condition but they can never know and they do not know the whole setting of every Gregorios' project.


the work is the only stable scene for gregorios pharmakis. the name of the person names a priority to the work a complete detachment from the romantic ideal of the work as part of a person world. gf is signing when an erasure of the signature is promised.



gregorios pharmakis works, defining the person as a platform



Another place to argue about gregorios Pharmakis platform. This is the place where the particularization of the [character / concept of gf is to be done.


Gregorios pharmakis position has two interesting aspects open to elaboration. Both refer to the parallel sitting condition*: the first has to do with the common interior gaze that is creating really no interiority [to further elaborate on that] . the second has to do with the concept of the shifting center of such a community: this center can be shaped through the lacanian notion of the big other.



inversion of the concept of the big other. no order of the law but order and unification from the fragments that are considered as exceptions.

exceptional fragments

organization by disorder in framed spaces




grevoir a new wiki page for gregorios pharmakis for forthcoming works

works programming

 GRE-VOIR is the conception of the person that is considering the person as a series of programmed unfinished works

In gre-voir the schedule is identified to the person






*for an elaboration of the parallel sitting condition see "parallel sitting condition" in this wiki

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